In order to get this series off to a fortuitous start, there are a few criteria I have to meet.  The first car in a DOTS series should be at least 50 years old, should be from a defunct manufacturer, and should have at least a three-tone paint job.

This car has all three.


The Fireflite was introduced as the top-of-the-line DeSoto in 1955.  With 255 horsepower (huge for its day) in that enormous body, I bet this thing is a hoot to drive.

This beautiful car’s master owns a store on Magazine called Sputnik Ranch, which specialises in cowboy boots but sells all kinds of other odd nicknack.  The gentleman crosses the street occasionally, I’ll sell him cigarettes, and he’ll tell me about some of his experiences with the car.  He’s evidently registered the car on some sort of list that film companies use to solicit period-correct cars in a certain area.  This car may well have starred in Benjamin Button.


Design this elegant and this refined would reignite the public’s desire for American cars, I think.  Why is it that all the raddest cars were made by all the companies that don’t exist anymore?

Oh, and that’s second to the best hood ornament ever.

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