You might think this Volvo 940 is owned by someone with a refined sense of irony. You’re probably right.

You’re probably wrong, too.

After noticing the oversized exhaust pipe, the R-type wheels, and the gauges running up the A-pillar, I figured I might actually be onto something. I know the V8olvo has been done before, and for under five hundred dollars! But if you’ve got more cash than that, why stop there?

In the name of Truth, my brother–who just acquired a Volvo 940 himself–and I elected to eat our Mr Roo’s po-boys inside instead of at home.

We took a seat near the window to make sure it didn’t run away, and near po-boy’s end we saw two men walking up to it. I stepped (okay, ran) out of the restaurant and asked the man what he had under there.

“LS1. Wanna see?”

Unlikely but possible, indeed. Be sure to check out the full-size photo for maximum effect.

We’ll be following suit in about three years, I think.